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The Company, DSC Portfolio Ltd, was incorporated on 27th September 2007 by the two founders and joint shareholders David Loader and James Henry. This new Company was setup to deliver a portfolio of training and consultancy services and combined and built upon the subject knowledge and training experience that David and James had accumulated independently over the previous years.



Company Profile

The Company?s main activity is the provision of face-to-face training for both in-house and open courses. When delivering bespoke in-house courses, we work closely with our customer to ensure that the design and content of the training programme(s) meets their specific requirements.  On our public open courses, the Company normally works together with a specialist training sales and marketing firm to offer relevant and up to date content on the important issues of the day. In addition to the two principals, the Company also utilises the expertise of a small number of carefully selected individual Associates, who have specialist experience in their own fields.


Core Business

In addition to face-to-face training, the Company also provides a range of other ancillary products and services:

- eLearning modules (online and CD Rom)

- Consultancy

- Operational and procedural reviews

- Operational risk management development

- Books and publications (David Loader)

- Procedures documentation production


Ancillary Products and Services

Registered office:

DSC Portfolio Limited
PO Box 268
Herne Bay



Company number: 6383875

Directors:  David Loader, James Henry

Bankers:     Lloyds TSB Bank plc

Company Information