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Clearing and Settlement of Derivatives

David Loader


Published by Butterworth Heinemann






The derivatives industry continues to grow at a significant pace and this creates considerable challenges to those charged with the settlement and administration of trades in these products. The clearing and settlement of derivatives is very much driven by the type of product and so this book looks at both the exchange traded and over the counter environments to analyse what is needed to provide an efficient and controlled process in support of derivatives trading.


Having worked in the industry since financial derivatives started in the UK back in 1978, David Loader has witnessed not only a massive growth in activity but also a continuing development of new products, wider participation by organisations in derivatives use and the occasional ‘disaster’. The author’s background in both derivatives and securities also enables him to know where the fundamental differences in the processes occurs and to highlight the particular skills needed to successfully clear and settle derivatives trades.


This book will be useful for anyone connected with the workflow for a derivative trade either in the process itself, in the support areas like IT. or by virtue of oversight responsibilities such as risk management, compliance or audit plus anyone who just has an interest in knowing what goes on ‘post’ the trade.